What’s the Best Type of Online Roulette to Play?

Type of Online Roulette

Are you wondering what’s special about each type of online roulette that’s currently available? In this article we’ll discuss why French roulette is commonly considered the best variation to play and which types to avoid.

There’s more than one type of online roulette that you can play at Admiral Casino. With each one offers slightly different rule variations as wheel as Return to Player rates based on the wheel type.

If you’re on the hunt for the highest paying game in any casino, you would have a hard time finding a better option than French roulette. The game that offers a whopping Return to Player rate of about 98.5%. Not only is it the best roulette variation, but it might also actually be the highest payout casino game overall.

What Makes French the Best Type of Online Roulette?

You will always find options for both American and European roulette in multitudes. However, the French type of online roulette can be a bit scarcer. Especially when playing at online casinos outside of Europe, where players might not be as used to the French roulette rules and the European wheel.

However, when you do come across this variation of online roulette, it’s highly worth playing. For instance, there are certain characteristics of this French roulette, you won’t find in any other game.

For instance, the following two rules:

  • The “En Prison” rules – when playing a game that includes this special rule. The player will see their losing bet “trapped” until the next spin is completed. If they lose once again, they lose the best. But they have another chance at winning thanks to the en prison rule allowance.
  • The “La Partage” rule – In French “partager” means to share. Which makes send because in this rule, if you lose your wager by the ball landing in zero, you get back half of it, and the other half goes to the house.

You must note that the above two special rules are only applicable to even money wagers. Therefore, if you’re a roulette player who prefers outside bets and playing less risky games, looking for a game of French roulette is absolutely ideal.

Is There a Better Game That Beats French Roulette?

Overall, French roulette does offer the best Return to Player ratio than any other classic variant of the game. However, there is one unique online version that could top that in certain situations.

Progressive Roulette

Progressive roulette is like classic roulette but with a jackpot, like slots. It challenges players to make an optional side wager, which will put them in the running to win the jackpot. Moreover, the main jackpot prize continues to increase with every side bet added to it. Much like progressive slot games.

Eventually, one player will end up hitting the jackpot and take home the main jackpot. The method that the jackpot can be triggered varies. For instance, it can be a single number hitting a predetermined number of times in a row.


On occasion, progressive roulette can offer a higher RTP than the French type of online roulette. However, since much of that RTP is attached to a progressive jackpot, it’s not as great of an overall option as classic French roulette. Played on a European wheel and including rules that give players more benefits.

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