Fruit Machine Jackpot of £29,238 Win by Player from Birmingham!

Fruit Machine

Another lucky slot player from the UK collected a big payout when he hit a hefty Fruit Machine game jackpot worth almost £30 thousand!

These days, online slot jackpots rival what you would find in glamorous Las Vegas. And to win them, no need to book a flight. You can simply head over to your favourite casino slots UK website for all the fun.

That’s exactly what the recent winner of a £29, 238 jackpot did and we would say it was well worth it. Jon Sampson’s win took place on a few nights ago when he logged onto Admiral Casino and selected the Fruit Machine game out of the many other titles available. A decision that has definitely worked out well for him.

Are Fruit Machine Games Still Good?

Some of the first slot games were called Fruit Machine, with the symbols all corresponding with different fruits. We’re not quite sure why this became a thing, since the very first slot game was based on cards and the symbols were based on poker hands. However, it did, and the trend caught on.

No one can argue that the most iconic and classic type of slot were these fruit themed games that seemed to fascinate people. Nowadays, there are plenty more options. For instance, games with themes that range anywhere from horror, pop-culture and ancient Egyptian mythology.

Still, the charm and comfort of these simple fruit games persists. With providers like Microgaming, NetEnt and more revolutionizing them with more features and bonuses than every before. For instance, these modern-day fruit machine slots are nothing like what your grandparents used to play at local establishments. They’ve come a long way.

Moreover, as you see, just because they are based on a classic design, doesn’t mean that these popular classics don’t dole out huge payouts. And offer action-packed gameplay.

The Highest Paying Current Games

The games that tend to have the biggest jackpots up for grabs are the progressives you see at every casino. These are known for jackpots that build up very quickly and give payouts to the a select few players who win.

It’s easy to see why most players can’t resist a game that boasts a jackpot of millions. Especially considering that you can take your shot at winning for only a few pounds and often not even that. If you do decide to take your chance at one of these incredibly large jackpots. Just ensure you’re betting enough lines and credits to qualify for the top prize.

If you’re one of the few people who don’t really find slots appealing. Then you might standard and live casino games of online roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and more. 

How to Pick a Winner

Just like there’s no way to predict which games are about to hit, it’s impossible to know when it will be your turn to win. For many players this is something that even happens more than once in their lives. Especially regular players who visit online and land-based casinos regularly.

However, one thing you can do to ensure you are getting the most secure and fair gameplay. Including excellent Return to Player rates. Is by joining a high-quality PayPal casino UK like Admiral Casino. Join now and you’ll get 40 free spins, as well as cash matches on your first deposit!

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